Started in 2010, JessiCakery is a online cake studio in Jakarta specializing in delicious cake with elegant and handcrafted designs. After back from pastry training in Kuala Lumpur she decided to sell fondant cupcakes and cake. The owner is Jessica Winston Jap has won an award as a student entrepreneur of the year in 2011 when she was studied at Sekolah Tinggi Perhotelan Pelita Harapan. She founded her passion is in pastry industry, she likes to make sugar flowers and her cakes mostly designed with flowers whether from buttercream or gum paste. She also went to a lot of international teacher workshops from Sydney, USA, London and Korea to sharpening her skills in fondant and buttercream decorating cake. Her cakes are published on some magazine and local TV as well.

After married with Malaysian in 2017, now she moved to Kuala Lumpur to continue her journey as a cake artist. She will back to Jakarta every 2-3 months to conduct classes and do some pre order cake. Her updated cake is on instagram @JessiCakery. She is more than happy to working with you and make your celebrations unforgettable and create beautiful cakes, just for you.